NOTE: All donations to Peoples Charitable Trust are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G.

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History behind the beginning


We, a group of like minded, enthusiastic and service oriented people came together to help the needy in the name of Peoples Charitable Trust[PCT]. All it started in the year 2012 when we were in college, we got to see that one of our lecturers was badly in need of medical and financial support in which he needed to undergo heart surgery. We, a group of students came together to support our lecturer financially through fundraising for his heart surgery. We tried all our ways and contributed whatever we could at that time.

Thankfully surgery went successful and we were so delighted to make it happen with our little efforts, With this simple act we got motivated and thought to initiate an organization to help the needy in the name of Helping Hands Of PRGC. As students, we started helping the needy which is in our scope like providing Hearing Machines for deat students, arranged a digital library to the underprivileged students and helped a lot of people in and around our area during Hud-hud Cyclone, etc.

After completion of our studies, we settled in different places with respect to our careers and then we thought to make these social activities in a bigger manner with a wide network of enthusiastic and service-oriented people, who came forward to join with us in these social activities to reach more needy and support the underprivileged. With all their support we started an NGO as Helping Hands of Mother Teresa Organization with registration number 108/2016. Which later formed as a TRUST in the name of PEOPLES CHARITABLE TRUST with Reg.No.11/2018 and continuing with social activities. We are looking forward for more and more enthusiastic people to join their hands with us to support the needy.

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The Start

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Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a trustworthy organization to help the needy and reach out to the less privileged to make a difference, here we are to help you reach that goal and the reasons why you should partner with Peoples Charitable Trust.

We have an intensive team who can thoroughly identify the requests and go through various aspects in which we can help the right and needy.

We are committed to transparency at all levels of functioning and are accountable to all our trust members and contributors. We will keep a record for each contribution and the respective donation to whom we are donating. We will be maintaining a document of all these transactions which we will be submitting to govt for audit purpose.

We work on a variety of issues that span the education, health, rural development, Social Activities, Animal care etc. We have an intensive and thorough process to identify programmes before disbursing the funds and monitor them until everything is completed without any issues.

We will never force our members to join any events or raise money for the same. We leave everything to our members like volunteering to an event or not but we do hope we will get more people and still it is up to our members’ interest



Become a Member

200 / Month

When you support us financially by donating a monthly membership donation, we can accept requests from people without having to worry about funding, as it will be based on the number of members in PCT. Your membership donation may not change the world but can change someone’s world.

Make a Gift

1000 / CAUSE

Your contribution to Peoples Charitable Trust will help us to serve more people who are in need. PCT offers many services for such beneficiaries in different sectors.

Note: Contributions to Peoples Charitable Trust are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G. File No AADTP9292JF20214 dated 21-02-2012. Receipts will be provided for all donations.

Become a Volunteer


When we join our hands together, we can make a greater impact. Small actions can accumulate to bring about significant changes in someone’s life. A volunteer is an individual who selflessly contributes their time, skills, and experience to Peoples Charitable Trust, offering their services without charge.