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Providing Breakfast (85 students) in Primary Govt. School




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Age: 7 Years
Financial Condition: Poor
Monthly Income: 8K per month

After 9days of her birth, parents came to know that she has navel infection and at the age of 3 months her parents found that her head isn't growing. So when they consulted doctors they found that she is suffering from Microcephali, a condition in which brain doesn't develop properly resulting in shorter than normal head. Doctors told that even if her skull size is increased it wouldn't be of help as there won't be proper brain growth. She will always be sleeping and she can't express what she wants and needs. She doesn't have any hearing problems so she remembers her parents with their voices. Someone has to be there for her at every point of time to take care of her needs. Her parents are taking care of her now and showing her to Doctors by doing some small works. They are in need of help to take care of Samitha Sai. Please come forward and help her to live a normal life.

Baby Condition: Baby condition is not good and also not severe. As per doctor's advise there is no treatment for her medical problem. But she can sit, stand and respond as she wants by having eye contact. Doctors also suggested that with more eye contact there are chances for her recovery. Definitely it's big thing for her if we can help her to achieve this state. To make more eye contact she needs to sit on chair or bed continuously but its not easy for her as she can't sit properly. So she needs some support to sit on chair properly and continuously. Definitely normal chair and bed won't be suitable for her. So its better to take wheelchair which is the only way to give her more eye contact and also it helps her to be taken outside as well in fresh air for early recovery.

Family Financial Condition: Baby father is the only source of income. He is working as a supervisor in construction field and getting only 8K per month. Mother has PhD and worked as a teacher also when the baby was 1 year old. Grand parents used to take care of Samitha at that time. Later her mother has to stop her job to take care of Samitha. They have a son and he is studying polytechnic. They are getting a pension 3K for Samitha and paying house rent 4K per month. As Samitha can't take normal food, her parents has to put food in a mixer and feed her the prepared juice.

PCT's Plan and Impact: We are sure that we can't arrange required money. But we will try our best to support them with help of PCT Members and Vijaya Kumar garu who came forward to help them as much as possible monthly. As of now we are planning to arrange wheelchair which is badly needed for her and will plan to provide medicine as well.

Thanks & Regards,

Team PCT

Update on 15th Sep:

PCT coordinator Apparao and Mr. Vijaya kumar garu went to Guntupalli, Vijayawada for verification and also one sponsor interested to support by seeing her pics. So we both decided to meet and get all details. Baby can't do anything except listening. She can't respond properly. Same situation from 9th day of the birth. As of now physiotherapy is the only treatment for her. For basic physiotherapy they need to pay 8K per month. Baby mother did P.hd but not able to go to work because she has to take care of her child. Her father is a supervisor in construction field and getting 8K only per month. House rent 4K and getting 3K pension for baby. For diapers only they need 2K per month. As per doctor suggestion it's better to keep her in sitting position with eye contact. So there is a chance to cure little better. After discussing all possible scenarios PCT is planning to provide wheelchair in next month which costs around 20000. Normal wheel chairs are not good for her health condition. We are also planning to support for her physiotherapy as well with the help of sponsor Mr. Vijay kumar. We will share all details once we get update from the doctor. Please let us know for any suggestions. Thank you. Team PCT

Update on 15th Oct:

Our teammates Ameer garu and Apparao have handed over a wheelchair from PCT and Rs. 10,000.00/- rupees cheque from Ameer gari team Raising Hands for Hope, Rajahmundry. They don't have any treatment for baby but physiotherapy may help as doctors suggested. So we are planning to utilize above 10,000.00/- for the physiotherapy for the next two months. We will also try to support few more months if we get any chance. Thank you so much every PCT member and special thanks to Raising Hands for Hope team, Baby Lasya Reddy, Shashi Kanth Garu, Raj Shekar Garu and Hajira Garu.

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