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Frequently Asked Questions

Peoples Charitable Trust is considered one of the best NGOs in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the field of social service.

Why Choose Us:

If you are looking for a trustworthy organisation to help the needy and reach out to the less privileged to make a difference, here we are to help you reach that goal and the reasons why you should partner with Peoples Charitable Trust.

Nationwide spread network of people who are willing to support for our activities:

We have an intensive team who can thoroughly identify the requests and go through various aspects in which we can help the right and needy.

Accountability & transparency:

We are committed to transparency at all levels of functioning and are accountable to all our trust members and contributors. We will keep a record for each and every contribution and the respective donation to whom we are donating. We will be maintaining a document of all these transactions which we will be submitting to the government for audit purpose.

Nature of our work:

We work on a variety of issues that span Education, Medical, Self Empowerment, Self Employment, Women Safety, Rural area development, Free Career Guidance, Animal care etc,. We have an intensive and thorough process to identify programmes before disbursing the funds and monitor them until everything is completed without any issues.


We never force our members/Volunteers to join in any particular events or raise money for the same. We leave everything to our members/volunteers like volunteering to an event or not but we do hope we will get more people and still it’s up to our members interest.

Do the donors get an 80G certificate/donation receipt for the donations they make?
Every donation to the Peoples Charitable Trust is eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80(G). If we received any amount with proper details like full name, full address, email id and along with PAN number then automatically you will get tax exemption donation receipt through email as well as it is added under your profile with your personal email id. If we didnt receive proper details then it will be consider as anonymous donation then we should pay 30% tax to the govt at the year end.
How do I know if my donation has reached the program that I am supporting?
Definitely every donation reaches to respective campaign/program at the end. If we received any donations to specific campaign/program, we will utilise those donations to that particular campaign/program only. Every end to the campaign/program we will share the final report to the all members and supporters without fail. So at the end you will get that how your donation is helpful us to make happen the program.
What is the minimum amount to donate?
We are not demanding any kind of a certain amount for doing any kind of service. You can donate as much as you can be based on their program.
How can I trust your NGO?
We have been running an NGO since 2012 and established by a group of students with passion to support the needy people. We never accept any single rupee without giving a donation receipt and will do IT Returns as well yearly without fail. We are with all registered certificates and we also have 80G, 12A, and tax exemption also.
Do you want money or you need some other support from our end?
We are doing many activities on Education, Medical, Self Empowerment, Self Employment, Women Safety, Rural area development, Free Career Guidance, Animal care etc., If you want to support you can educate the slum children, Teach communication skills in slums and govt. Schools, Provide food to the street animals in your area, etc.,.
Can I join your program?
You can join our program by filling the form on our volunteer page. we will call you when the program is conducted.
Can I donate groceries or any old items?
Yes, you can donate to us groceries and any old items also.
Can I visit your NGO or Trust?
Yes, you can visit our NGO. You can have a look at what programs we have conducted till now. Location is available at Contact Us page.
Can I donate to any particular causes like education, Food for children?
Yes, you can donate to any particular cause by selecting the cause from the focused area dropdown by clicking the below campaign link. We are very sure that we will spend your contribution to the specified cause only and will provide an update as well once spent your donation. Also you will get updates as well once we plan to do any campaign on your interest.


D.No. 12-174, ASR Colony, Turangi,
Kakinada, E.G.Dist., AP, India - 533016


+91 8333 800 110/220

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